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Permanent Makeup

Euphoric is pleased to offer Permanent Makeup treatments by Sassy Chic Permanent Makeup to give you the most perfect brows, defined eyes and luscious shapely lips.

Natalie Peters is one of the most sought after Permanent Makeup Artists in Sussex, having trained exclusively with the top Permanent Makeup artist in the UK and can create a perfectly natural look or bolder look in a colour to suit your skintone and colouring perfectly.

Perfect brows, defined eyes and luscious shapely lips.

Having performed vast amounts of treatments on people of all ages including high profile clients all with different needs, you can trust your face to Sassy Chic Permanent Makeup.

Natalie offers Free Permanent Makeup Consultations. Patch tests are required pre treatment.



Whether you have sparse brows, patchy brows, very fair brows, or have suffered hair loss or just want more eyebrow definition there is a solution that is perfect for you. Eyebrow tattooing and shaping can make a huge difference to your face and enhance your natural beauty. With the right shape and style a great brow can help to frame your face and make you look years younger.

Most people request one of   3 styles of permanent eyebrows. The look you want to achieve, whether subtle, natural   or more defined depends on personal preference and will be influenced by the shape and colour of the eyebrow your age, skin tone, hair colour. Whichever look you are wanting to achieve Sassy Chic Permanent Makeup can create a look that is perfect for you to enhance and define your natural beauty.


Eyelash Enhancement / Eyeliner

Subtle lash definer, or more intense and precise top or bottom eyeliner? Sassy Chic Permanent Makeup can create your perfect look in your desired colour to give your eyes extra definition and sparkle all day every day. Whatever look you are wanting to achieve it is all possible with permanent makeup.

Eyelash Enhancement

If you would like some definition to your eye contour but a natural look, Eyelash Enhancement is the perfect option for a very natural look. Eyelash Enhancement thickens & defines lashes with tiny dots of lash colour attracting more attention to bare eyes.


If you are wanting a more traditional and bolder eyeliner this can be applied as a fine or a thicker line depending on the look you require.


The Secret to a Perfect Pout is right here and there’s not a lipstick in sight..!

Lip enhancement is a fabulous way to enhance the shape, colour and fullness of your lips. Enhance your lip line with a Blended lip liner treatment or if you prefer a more all over colour a Lip Blush treatment or Full Colour will add a hint of colour to your lips in the colour of your choice.

All treatments are so natural only you will know the secret behind your perfect pout!